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Rexroth A10VSO45 Hydraulic Piston Pump Spare Parts

Rexroth A10VSO45 Hydraulic Piston Pump Spare Parts

  • Rexroth A10VSO45 Hydraulic Piston Pump Spare Parts
  • Rexroth A10VSO45 Hydraulic Piston Pump Spare Parts
Rexroth A10VSO45 Hydraulic Piston Pump Spare Parts
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MINY
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: MY-A10VSO45
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: $10-$500
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: ready to ship
Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C, Western Union
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Stainless Steel With Copper Special: Customised Making
Condition: New Wanranty: 1 Year
Color: Customized
High Light:

Hydraulic Piston Pump Spare Parts


A10VSO45 Piston Pump Spare Parts


A10VSO45 Rexroth Pump Spare Parts

Rexroth A10VSO45 hydraulic piston pump spare parts with best price and high quality customised




The company currently supplies a large number of plunger pumps, motors, reducers and related spare parts. The main manufacturers are: Rexroth, hitachi, komatsu, kawasaki, caterpillar, NACHI, Toshiba, Kobelco / Kato et al

The specific models are:


Hitachi series:

HPV050; HPV080; ZX120-6 main pump (HPK055); HPV091 (EX200-2 / 3, EX120-2 single pump); HPV102 (EX200-5 / 6); HPV116 (EX200-1); HPV118 (ZX200-3, ZX270 main pump) etc.


excavator main pump series:

HPV35 (PC60); HPV55 (PC120); HPV90 (PC200-3); HPV90 (PC200-5); PHV95 (PC200-6, PC120-6 except pump shaft); HPV132 (PC300-7, PC400-6); HPV160 (PC300 / 400-3 / 5); HPV135; PC30UU; PC40-8 main pump; PC50; PC60, etc.


Carter (caterpillar) series:

VRD63 (CAT120) double pump; SBS80 (CAT312C) main pump; E200B (new) double pump; AP-12 double pump; AP-14 (CAT325C); CAT320C double pump; SPK10 / 10 (E200B) double pump; SPV10 / 10 (MS180) double pump; CAT12G; CAT14G / 16G; CAT215; CAT245; CAT330B walking motor; PSV450 (AP-12) walking; CAT992; CAT330C walking; CAT385H.


KYB (kayaba) series:

PSVD2-16E (Shanhe Intelligent 1.6-2 tons); PSVD2-21C (KYB); PSVD2-21E (KYB) 4T / SVD22 small excavation main pump; PSVD2-26E / 27E (KYB); KYB-25CC (Ishikawa Island 45, Kubota K040 / K045); Ishikawa Island 60; PSVL-54 (KYB Kubota 6-ton 155 excavator), etc.


NACHI series:

PVD-2B-32L; PVD-2B-34 walking; PVD-2B-34L (small dig main pump); PVD-2B-36L / 38/40; PVD-2B-42; PVD-2B-63; PVD45; Fujitsu 130; PVK-2B-505 (ZAX55 main pump); YC35-6 Yuchai small dig rotary motor; YC35-6 Yuchai small dig walking motor; PCL-200-18B (Yuchai 55 rotary); Bobcat 331 excavator ( Slewing); Bobcat 337 (walking motor).


Toshiba series:

SG02; SG025 (MFB40); SG04 (MFB80); SG08 (MFB160); SG12; SG20 (MFB250); PVB92 (PVC90RC08 / PVC70R) (Toshiba 8 tons, Yuchai 8.5 tons excavator); PV090; PV092 (PV080 general) ; PSVS-90


Jeil Series:

JMV-44 / 22; JMV-53 / 34 (6-8 ton small excavator walking motor); JMF-64; JMV147 / 95; JMF-151-VBR (22SM1510117); JMF-155.


Liebherr series:

LPVD45; LPVD64; LPVD75; LPVD90; LPVD100; LPVD100 new (914); LPVD125; LPVD125 new; LPVD140; LPVD250; LPVD260.


Kobelco / Kato series:

SK250-8 main pump; SK200-1 / 3 traveling motor; SK220-3 (MA340 traveling motor); SK200-6 traveling motor; SK200-6 traveling new type; SK320 traveling motor; M3V150 (SK220-2) traveling motor; SK430 traveling Motor; Kato 400 excavator motor; HD450V-2 (Kato); HD3000; DH55 (Daewoo 55 excavator turning motor); T3X128 / Daewoo 300-7 turning; Daewoo 225-7 walking; Daewoo DH370 turning; Hyundai 60-7 turning Motor; Hyundai 480 swing motor.


Kawasaki series:

K3SP36C (SDV36) 8-ton medium excavator main pump; K3V63DT (K3V63BDT); K3V112DT; K3V140DT; K3V180DT; K3V280; K3VG280; K3VG180; K3VL45; K5V80; K5V140 (Doosan 300-7); K5V160 (Hyundai 300-6) main pump ; M2X63; M2X96 (EX200-2); M2X120; M2X146 (EX200-5); M2X150 / 170 (EX400); M2X210 (EX270 / 280/300); M5X130


Nabtesco series:

GM05VL; GM05VA; GM06VL (Daewoo 60 walking); GM07VA (Daewoo DH55, Komatsu 60-7 walking); GM08 (Komatsu 60-3 / 5 walking); GM09 (MSPG06-025 / PC60-7 walking motor); GM10; GM17 (PC120-3 / 5 walking); GM18; GM23; GM30H; GM35VA; GM35VL (walking motor); GM38VB (SK200-8, Kato 1023-3 walking motor); DNB08.


Rexroth series:

A4V40; A4V56; A4V71; A4V125; A4V250; A4VFO28; A4VSO40; A4VSO71; A4VSO125; A4VSO180; A4VSO250; A4VSO355; A4VSO500; A4VF500 / A4F500; A4VG28 (A4F40; A4; A50; AVG; AVG4; AVG; 4 / 32R); A4VHW90; A4VTG90 charge pump (extra thick type); A4VG125; A4VG125 charge pump; A4VG125 charge pump (common type); A4VG125 charge pump (string A10VO28 type); A4VG12 charge pump (extra large).


Rexroth inclined shaft pump series:

A2F5; A2F12; A2F23; A2VK28; 2VK28; A2F28; A2F55; A2F80; A2F107; A2F160; A2F200; A2V225; A2F250; A2V500; A2V915; A2F355; A2F500; A2F1000; A2FOA; 23 A2FO56; A2FO63; A2FO80; A2FO90 / A2FE90; A2FO107; A2FO125 (A2FM125); A2FO160; A2FO180; A2FO200; A2FO250; A2FO500; A6V28; A7V55 / A8VA; A7V58; A7V80 / A8VA7VA; A7V80 ; A7V250; A7V355; A7V500; A6VM / A7V1000; A6VM / A7VO12; A7VO28; A7VO55; A7VO80; A7VO107; A7VO160; A6VM160; A6VE160; A6VM200; A6VM500; A7VO172; A7VO200; A7VO250; 7VO.7.


Sauer series:

PV20; PV21 (PVD21); PV22; PVD22 twin pumps; PV23 (PVD23); PV24; SPV6 / 119; PV25; PV26; PV112; OPV27; MF16A; MFO35; MF500; MPVO46 / M46; MPR63; MPV45.


Eaton series:

3321/3331 (Eaton 006); Eaton 3322 (EATON3322); 4621 / 4621-007; 5421/5431 (Eaton 23); Case 1460 (CASE1460); Case CS05A; Eaton 3932-243; Eaton 6423; 7621 (Eaton 24-7620); road roller (Eaton 78462).


Vickers series:

PVE19; TA19; PVE21; PVH45; PVH57; PVH74; PVH81; PVH98; PVH106 (HPN-1398); PVH131; PVH141; PVB5; PVB6; PVB10; PVB15 (common to some PVQ32); PVB20; PVB29; PVBQA29-SR; PVQ40 / 50; PVB110; TB35; B45



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